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LOST PACKAGESUpdated a year ago


Our partner-carriers are always dedicated to deliver your order safely and in time. It's worth noting that while lost packages are a concern, the majority of shipments do arrive at their intended destination without issue.

However, due to the sheer volume of packages being transported on a daily basis, even a small percentage of issues can result in a significant number of lost or delayed packages.

I know it can be frustrating but we assure you that everyone involved is doing their utmost due diligence to address the issue as soon as possible.

Why this happens?

This can range from simple errors in the tracking system that may lead to inaccurate information or mistakes when transferred from different modes or carriers on the last station was detected.

Best case scenario, the package will turn up given an extra number of days past the delivery date as a result of incorrect tracking information.

What can I do to track my package?

You can reach out to us here at [email protected] so that we can prompt an investigation immediately or you can even file a claim to the carrier directly as the recipient for a much faster response.

An investigation will be created with their respective case number to consolidate all available information that will be transparent for all parties involved. This can take at least 7-10 days but is a case-by-case basis.

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