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DROP OFF RETURNSUpdated a year ago

Drop-Off Returns

We understand that returns can be hassle, so as an alternative, you may opt for our Drop-Off Returns if you find it more convenient.

However, the Drop-off Returns are on an appointment-only basis since this request will have to revolve around the schedule of our Warehouse Team.

Once you have been confirmed for an appointment, you will be provided possible dates and time which we musk you to make to avoid conflicts with other customers.

How to make an appointment for a drop-off?

  1. You can reach out to our Customer Service Team at [email protected] and provide your Order Number and reason for the return, to receive the first instruction;
  2. Our Customer Service Team will find you the next available date and time for an appointment;
  3. This may take a while however, once confirmed, you will receive a reply to confirm your scheduled appointment;
  4. You will then received the rest of the instructions, together with the address for the warehouse.

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