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How would I know if my TELSA was produced in California or Texas?

In order to determine if your vehicle was manufactured in either California or Texas, you can check out your VIN number and find the 11th letter in the sequence.

If it's F, that stands for Fremont, California.

If it's A, that would be for Austin, Texas.

Is there a difference between a California Build and a Texas Build?

Generally, there is very little difference between the two besides the location of the plant where it was manufactured.

However, for the purpose of some accessories, such as our Model Y Mud Flaps, some fit issues have been reported. Hence the drop down option on the product page that will ask you to confirm if you have either the California or Texas build.

Where can I find my VIN number?

You may check your owners manual or the TESLA main website for the location of your vehicle's identification labels.

Some locations to look out for your VIN number, include but not limited to the following:

  • Touch Controls > Software.
  • Stamped on a place located at the top of the dashboard. Can be seen by looking through the website.
  • Printed on the Product Plate, located on the door pillar. The Product Plate is located on the right side door pillar and can be seen when the rear passenger door is open.
  • Cars manufacture in the Fremont Factory: The VIN is stamped into the right side upper door pillar and can be seen when the interior trim is removed.
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