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TESLARATI REWARDSUpdated a year ago

Frequently asked questions for reward points.

How to earn reward points?

  • Signing up for an account will get you 250 points.
  • Every $1 spent on our websites will earn you 10 points
  • Leaving a product review will earn you 500 points 

How to redeem my Reward Points?

  • Log in to your Teslarati account
  • Click the Teslarati Rewards button at the bottom left corner of the screen to access the rewards window.
  • on the rewards window, click "Ways to redeem" and select the reward you wish to use for your next purchase. You may choose the following for your rewards.
    • 1000 points for $10 off
    • 2000 points for $20 off
    • 2000 points for 10% off
    • 5000 points for Free Shipping
    • 10000 points for $50 off

How can I use the rewards after redeeming them?

  • After redeeming the reward, you will get a promo code
  • You can apply the promo code at the checkout page
  • Every promo code redeemed from your reward points are for one-time use only and it can't be stacked or used with other promo code or discounts

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