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ELITECT VERSIONUpdated a year ago

What is the ELITECT Version?

TESLARATI has worked with 3DMAXpider on launching a new "Elitect" line that's compatible with the newest 2023 to 2021 Tesla Model Y and Model 3. The mats feature a revised look and are a great complement to an adventure lifestyle with deeper channels for trapping dirt and debris, along with slightly higher sidewalls.

What's the difference between the ELITECT and the Standard version?

  • Featuring the same 3D MAXpider unparalleled premium quality, lightweight design for ease of maintenance/cleaning, and anti-skid "Maxpider" bottom layer.

Is the ELITECT version upgrade available for all mats and liners?

  • The Elitect mats are currently available for Row 1 and Row 2 only, for the Model 3 and Model Y.

How can I upgrade to the ELITECT version?

  • Go to the floor mats and liners product page, click here
  • Select UPGRADE from the dropdown to substitute your mat set to the new Elitect line

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